Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday mornings always have us asking catastrophe questions: what happens if the Farm Bill doesn’t pass? What will happen when the superweeds take over? Are GMOs going to give us all cancer

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If you’re looking for some lunchtime reading, here are two stories that present a top-to-bottom approach to the issues facing farmers and the food community right now: Tom Philpott considers why organically managed soils stand up better to the extreme weather conditions produced by climate change than their conventional counterparts, and The New York Times gives us a look at who decides what gets labeled as Certified Organic. Both serve as a good reminder of all that goes into what ends up in supermarkets and on the table— and that the process is rarely a simple one. 

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The New York Times’ Room for Debate takes up the question of the Farm Bill this morning, asking seven experts to weigh in on what the bill does right and what needs to be expanded, reduced or jettisoned entirely in the 2012 update.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011